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Thank you for checking out my website. The LAND OF THE LOST movie came and went... Kathy Coleman (Holly) and I did a silly little cameo with Will Ferrell and Anna Freil but we were cut out of the final version of the movie!!! The show has been part of my life everyday for over 35 years!! It was odd and nostalgic handing over “the crystals” to a new gang!!! I gotta tell you, watching the Subway commercials with the Sleestak in line was surreal!!

It has been a thrilling and exhausting few years creating and directing the outrageous musical fundraisers LalaPOOLooza in Palm Springs. We raised a lot of money for 7 great charities...from breast cancer, to battered women to A.I.D.S.! Each show featured 85+ performers... from celebrities to synchronized swimmers to drag an additional 100 volunteers!!! We have featured guests such as Kaye Ballard, Bruce Vilanch, Olympian Greg Louganis, cast members of MAD TV, Clive Pearse (HGTV Star), Ann Walker (Sordid Lives), Hollywood reporter Bill Harris, two mayors of Palm Springs, Ruta Lee, a horse, a flying saucer, a singing shark, a ten foot space alien and other incredible performers!!!  Over 185 volunteers, including myself, donated their time and talents for these worthwhile charities! Check out and watch on Youtube below.  


As a huge treat, Sid and Marty Krofft graciously allowed Pufnstuf to make a special personal appearance poolside at LalaPOOLooza!!!! This was a very rare event indeed!!!!

I have been co-producing a new musical called Snapshots with music and lyrics by the amazing Stephen Schwartz (Wicked)! This is a wonderful musical we have been working on for ten years. The great book is written by David Stern. We just closed at Goodspeed Opera House in Connecticut.

Also my campy, over-the-top, Vampire musical BITE ME! had a “sold out” run in Palm Springs and recently had it’s East Coast premiere with the Richmond Triangle Players.

My books, THE RED WINGS OF CHRISTMAS and A FISH OUT OF WATER are still available at THE RED WINGS OF CHRISTMAS was optioned by Disney for an animated feature. I then spent a year writing the screenplay and the songs, but they are now sitting on a dusty Disney shelf...oh, show biz! The book is wonderfully illustrated by Ron Palillo of WELCOME BACK, KOTTER fame!! 

I also narrated this book and it is available at at:  //

A FISH OUT OF WATER has been adopted by many preschools as a book to teach tolerance! It is about a bird and a fish that fall in love and make it work!!!! 

And the children’s series DRAGON TALES I co-developed just finished it’s nine year run on PBS!

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P.S. For fun, for four years, I was the travel editor and columnist for LIVE Magazine to help out some friends who needed some additional content for their great magazine. Please check out my web page: TRIPPING THE PLANET

P.S. After years behind the camera, I shot a part in a movie called “Geography Club” where I play a high school teacher! It is like an old Rip Van Winkle story...I fell asleep a young leading man and woke up an old  grandfather!!  lol The movie was just nominated for a GLAAD Award.

Also I just shot a new movie called “Sins Of Our Youth” with Ally Sheedy where I play the Police Chief in this murder drama. 

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