Tool Box Murders!

In the movie I am the killer’s killer!!! I loved this part. I was playing such nice goody goody guys and then I got to be bad...very bad!!  This movie was 1978’s Drive-in Movie of the year!!!!

I took a bunch of friends to see a matinee at a sleazy, totally empty, Hollywood Blvd. movie house. You know the kind where the floor sticks to your feet! My pals thought they were going to see the happy Disney-esque kid’s movie I had also been working on!  They were horrified. There was blood and gore all over the screen. A nude girl was just killed with a nail gun to her head in the shower! I looked down row at my 7 friends and they all had their jackets covering their eyes!!! They were furious with me!!!  I laughed till I cried  that afternoon.

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