Password with Elizabeth Montgomery & Betty White

I was a regular on Password for many years! I love playing that game. The first celebrity I was pitted against was Elizabeth Montgomery. She was considered the best female player and I was intimidated.  When I pulled into my parking spot at MBC to shoot that first show I saw her name next to my parking spot and started to shake!! She did beat me that first day but I came back to beat her many times. I took winning money for the contestant very personal!!!

Right before Allen Ludden’s death he did an article about Password and called me the top male Password player....and of course Elizabeth Montgomery was at the top of his female list!!  Ah....revenge!

The day of Allen’s funeral I was hosting a pilot for my first games show called Pot-Of-Gold at NBC. I remember sitting in the makeup chair Allen always sat in. I was really sad I could not go to the funeral just a mile away at Forest Lawn. Allen always took an eyebrow pencil and put a a small black line under his bottom lip to make it seem fuller. So with tears in my eyes, I penciled in a bottom lip line and said out loud...”This ones for you Allen.” It may sound really stupid but he was a great friend and mentor and I still miss him!!!

One day the producers asked me to teach Lucille Ball how to play Password. I was so excited. Lucy was a great backgammon player but sucked at Password. I immediately called my Mom and asked her if she wanted to stay in my dressing room with Lucy all day while she watched me tape five episodes of the show. Se was so excited she made it to the the NBC Studios in 10 minutes.  It was an amazing day!!!  We shot a whole week of shows in one day so after each show I would return to my dressing room and Lucy and I would go over the clues I used and talk about strategy. It was a day that made me so grateful what the opportunities I had been given. That day rocked!!!

Special thanks to The Game Show Temple for posting this clip!!!

CLICK link to watch ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY and me play PASSWORD with Allen Ludden. We really screw up!!!!

Below I’m playing PASSWORD PLUS hosted by Tom Kennedy against the “queen of game shows” BETTY her!!

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