It has been a thrilling and exhausting two years creating and directing the outrageous musical fundraisers LalaPOOLooza in Palm Springs. We raised a lot of money for 7 great charities...from breast cancer, to battered women to A.I.D.S.! Each show featured 85+ performers... from celebrities to synchronized swimmers to drag an additional 100 volunteers!!! We have featured guests such as Kaye Ballard, Bruce Vilanch, Olympian Greg Louganis, cast members of MAD TV, Clive Pearse (HGTV Star), Ann Walker (Sordid Lives), Hollywood reporter Bill Harris, two mayors of Palm Springs, Ruta Lee, a horse, a flying saucer, a singing shark, a ten foot space alien and other incredible performers!!!  Over 185 volunteers, including myself, donated their time and talents for these worthwhile charities! Due to the economy we are skipping this year and bringing LalaPOOLooza back for 2010!!! Bigger and better!!!

                                          Kaye Ballard & Mayor Ron Oden 

                                                                      Gloria Greer & Greg Louganis

The outrageous Anti-”Black-Tie”poolside fundraiser for 7 charities!!!

Check out:

Greg Louganis

Kaye Ballard

       Austin Ray                           Clive Pearse                          Joey English

    Dana Adkins                                 Jim Hormel                        Eddy Swaim

   Gregg Barnette

                                                        Dawn Duncan    

                                                                                                         Tommi Rose              


Ruta Lee                                                                     Ann Walker

Bill Harris                                                               Bruce Vilanch