Land of the Lost theme song!

Or watch opening on Youtube :

I went to Michael Lloyd’s ( ) recording studio after shooting the first episode where I recorded the theme song. Michael produced the theme song and we had met when soon-to-be California Lieutenant Governor Mike Curb put four white boys together for a new Motown singing group. Needless to say that didn’t go anywhere!! 

For the third season when Spencer left the show, I went back into the studio to record a new theme song for the final season to introduce Uncle Jack. Go Google it!!!

That final season, Sid and Marty let me sing in several episodes. After all, TIGER BEAT was in it’s prime and I was being marketed as a teen idol. So there I am strumming my homemade gourd guitar with only four was amazing that the sound of a full orchestra filled the cave and jungle!!! Oh, well, that was the magic of the Osmond Brothers who made me sound almost passable in their studio in Westwood, Ca.

It is a lot of fun hearing Will sing the song in the movie trailers!!! He told me he had to learn to play the banjo and was extremely gracious about the whole affair. And I love how the Krofft’s kept the “scream” heard on the original theme song, as we were going over the waterfall, in the movie version! Too funny!!!!!

I can’t wait to see the movie!!!  Truth be told, I sort of want to watch it in the back of a dark strip mall theatre on a Wednesday afternoon stuffing my face with popcorn soaked in butter, Raisenetts, nachos, a hot dog and a diet Coke!!!

Click to hear me sing the Theme Song!!!