Days of Our Lives

Here is the old Horton family singing !!!  This brings back so many memories!  I really miss that “acting” family!!! Plus I loved working at NBC. After nine years it really felt like everybody on the lot was a big family...from the producers to the guys at the gate.

I played Mike Horton for almost 9 years. I’m still in touch with several of the old cast members like Susan Seaforth and Bill Hayes.

This was my grandmothers favorite show when I was a little boy. She had passed away by the time I got the job, but every time I watched the show I could smell the smell of ironing. It was what Nanny was doing every time she watched the show in Mississippi!!!

In 1999 I produced and wrote a tribute video to Irving Berlin (wrote ALWAYS)  for a production show on Crystal Cruises.  I flew to NYC and interviewed two of his three daughters (Mary Ellin Barrett and Linda Emmett who flew in from Paris.

The Horton’s sing ALWAYS